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North America - Politics/Elections

Should Federal Government recognize same-sex marriage?

The legality of same-sex marriage varies by state. When it comes to who should decide this issue, what do you think?

Federal government should recognize same-sex marriage
It should be decided at the State level
don't know
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Middle East - People and Places

Does Mubarak's Resignation Mean Trouble for Egypt's Coptic Christians?

Coptic Christians comprise 10% of Egypt's population. Tensions between Egypt's Muslims and Coptics have risen in recent years, most notably through a Christmas suicide bombing in front of a Coptic Church that killed 20. Coptic Christian leader Pope Shenouda expressed support for President Hosni Mubarak in recent weeks, fearing that his departure would cause chaotic conditions that would be even more dangerous to Coptic Christians. On the other hand, many Coptics manned the protest lines with Muslims, uniting as Egyptians against the regime, and a U.S. religious freedom expert says that Mubarak's resignation is good news for Coptics, as it offers hope for stability in the country.

Yes, the danger to Coptic Christians has increased significantly.
Yes, the danger to Coptics has increased, but there are positive benefits as well.
No, Mubarak's resignation, while creating uncertainty, should be a net positive for Coptics.
No, the regime change is very good news for Coptic Christians.
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North America - Politics/Elections
click to view poll details Should Federal Government recognize same-sex marriage?